Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rabbits and Eyes

We went to the J.C. Penny's near us--I am quite sad that they are closing this store, it is full of fun things and the staff was always pleasant and wonderful. Sephora is already packed up and gone, but the display people are still trying to keep a little cheer going--and some goofiness too--found in the kitchen section:

A fake potato hidden in one of the display pots :D K put the lid back over it after we took it's picture.

 We also went a lot of other places today, including the Salvation Army and checked out the formals--I found a big prom dress with a silk skirt and K found one with netting that looks like a fairy dress.
(I will take photos of them tomorrow). I did do a few repairs (or tried to) to Red Riding Hood's upper arms.

 The resin cracked around the edges of the "ratchet hole" and one arm is cracking there--I tried putting apoxy sculpt on one arm and it is lifting off--either the arm wasn't quite clean enough or the apoxy is old--either is possible. I have to think a little how I want to fix it now.

I had much better luck putting the apoxy around a small nail to repair a broken resin "bridge" in a jointed hand, though I haven't tested it yet under pressure:

And I installed Hecate's new Safrin eyes--Safrin now has eyes that are solid resin and not the hollowed out back style--the new eyes are easier to put in IMO and they look super--and they are still 10.00 a pair :D She is now doing them in order periods, next order period for the Safrin Resin Basics is April 1st, so check the site then. You may have to wait a bit for them--they are popular!


  1. Want to see the repairs once RRH is done. :)

    1. I will put them up once I figure out what I want to use--I have some 2 part epoxy but it's hard to control since it's runny and not a paste :o She looks like Venus de Milo right now :)


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