Daughter of Dragon

Yes, it's another one of those tall, tall Loongsoul beauties; this one has a fairly short order period that ends in early December. I would not have seen her at all, except that I bought a head and some hands from Jeeryama on Ebay, and I am now on the Clover-Singing/ Dollssinging mail list, so now I get to see what is new.
Here is the listing for her on the Clover-Singing site, which is the non-ebay website that Jeeryama has:
It's a good place to read in detail all the options and information. It looks like maybe you can buy her head separately, or maybe it is just the option horns and ears, but you can always write and ask. Generally I prefer to buy from Jeeryama's Ebay site because everything is automated for billing and you have the layer of controls that Ebay provides--on the other hand, if you have an established relationship with a dealer I prefer to buy from them directly-- since they get more of their money that way, rather than having to pay Ebay for their services. Here is a few more Pretty Dragon photos:

It's a good time to visit the Ebay store anyway, because Jeeryama is having some great sales--inexpensive glass eyes, clothing grab bags from Tata's Paradise, and some of the Small Iris Glass Eyes that KoK carries, and Lucky Dip random wigs for less than 10.00 from good manufacturers.

You do have to read carefully to be sure you are getting the right size--where there is a choice, it is good to confirm it with a message via Ebay's message system, just so Jeeryama knows what size you are getting, and with the random stuff you choose the size, but not the color/style.

One of the neatest things about buying from Jeeryama or Alices' Collections is that sometimes they have stuff in stock, usually things they got by accident or things that were left behind by other non-paying customers, and you can get them delivered in just a couple of weeks instead of months. They also can get limited dolls that you can't find other places, because when the dolls were issued, they were given, as dealers, a certain number of slots; and when other places sold out, they still can get you, saaay a Western White Tiger from Loongsoul :D

It's still a pre-order in these cases, so you still have to wait. But there she is :D