Digital Assistant

I have another project I am working on--some more clothes for Sicktress, this time for her Rihanna mini-me, Aya. Aya is a Soom Epidia head on a perfectly-matching Mirodoll body. Luckily for me, I have that 60cm Mirodoll body myself, and it's currently holding up my Android Mei--who looks adorable on it. (IMO Mei looks adorable on anything) :D Here she is in the tape proto-pattern:

She has Resinsoul jointy hands, which fit well on the small Miro 60 body; these are the "girl hands" and so delicate they really need wiring if you want her to hold anything. But I love them anyway. I replaced Skadi, my Impldoll Azalea's hands with some Telesthesia jointy hands as well:

Skadi needed to hold a bow; I was glad they fit the Impldoll New Star body.

Anyway, my little Android Assistant deserved a couple more photos, so here they are:

She's so cute. :D

And speaking of cute, here is the cat watching Grimes videos: