The Hybrid Blues

So I have this very tall, headless Loongsoul Girl body that Sicktress sent me. For a while my Fairyland Chloe head was on there, but the LuckyXIII sent me a "real" Chloe body, so the Loongsoul body was headless once more--and it is too good a body not to have a head on it. The problem is that I needed something nearly free since the dolly fund is very, very low right now.

 So I looked around at what people had in the sale bins and In Stock and returns and on Ebay..and on Ebay I found this at Dolls-Singing, and while he was not free, he was a good deal and he was a Ringdoll guy, which I have gotten sort of interested in since I saw one at the local meetup. Also Girrl has had a Ringdoll Frankenstein that I think is the bee's knees. And I liked this guy's sort of Beryl-like pout. He is a boy head, so he should be plenty large enough to fit on the Loongsoul girl body, right? So he arrived yesterday and I unwrapped him, and he is not very girly, and he is..smol. He is a nice, delicate head, a lot like a Soom Heliot. Here are some pix:

Ring Doll has a nice metal name plate, too:

So there I was with this handsome little guy, and while he physically fit on the Loongsoul girl body it was obviously not his, so I went in the Men's Closet and took Rusty's head off and swapped around about six other guys and ended up with a Resinsoul body that started out as white, but has since yellowed a bit. But the fit is great and it's a fun boy body to dress and pose. I will blush Moyu's head a little to match the Resinsoul body and then he will become the Ancient Chinese Wizard that I have always had on my "eventually" wish list. Here he is on the body:

(Moyu is giving me the side-eye because it is cold out there--about 35F at the time I was taking photos.)

 But I still had the Loongsoul girl with no head. Since I had moved heads around on bodies, I had a leftover Luts Wintery head, so I tried it on the Loongsoul girl body. And tada! IT FIT.  Here she is:

There is a little color difference and I may need to see if I can change the Kabuki Hero red around her eyes to Peony Pink, and add some little blossoms, but the head's fit on the neck is perfect. I would like to make her some nice brown eyes, too. (That is a male Granado jointed hand, by the way--fits the body pretty well; it's the older size that normally would go on a Nuevo or Lads body, not the big new guys). I'm really enjoying the whole Loongsoul experience at the moment; I am looking forward to whenever Zi Gui the Cuckoo Fairy ships. And now I have a fit model for clothes... with a head!

(I probably should have looked in the closet in the first place instead of Ebay, but not sorry :D)