FeiHuaDeng, All Purpose Cat Girl

This actually should go with the previous post, as she is another Telesthesia doll; but I went to the Legend Doll site to see if she was a cat... or a fox... and found a lot more photos of her, including the female body pose and shape set, if you are curious. She is very much like the Loongsoul girls in size and shape. (Scroll down for body photos). Fei Hua has magnet optional cat ears AND a tail, which I had not seen before in the Alice's photos:

These Chinese dolls are a bit more affordable than their Korean counterparts--the main difference is that the basic resin tends to yellow a bit faster, though it is good and heavy, (You sometimes have a choice of Imported Resin, which is slightly more translucent) and sometimes there are oddities in drilling and casting, depending on how busy they are--and to be honest, Fairyland and Soom have had their off days too. The clothing and accessories are magnificent from all the Chinese companies, from the pieces I have seen in person. Alice's Collections and Jeeryama on Ebay are both pleasant and reliable dealers, with excellent English. If you don't mind a bit of mystery from the language barrier, you can also buy directly from Legend Doll, Popodoll and Loongsoul; I find navigating the website designs more difficult than actually communicating with the shops via email. 

And most of all, read all the text on the order pages; this is what comes with Fei Hua Deng:

Special Ears & tail are attached by magnets.
The hair decoration & fan are not included neither available for order.

1. This product includes futon, birthday carf*, doll box sticks.
2. We send the doll assembly.
3. Please reach an understanding that shipment may be delayed for manufacturer reasons.
4.There will be a little bit color difference between the picture and BJD, which may be caused by the LCD Resolution. To avoid unnecessary dispute, perfectionist should choose it more carefully.
5. The doll defaults with flat feet,you have to add $65 to get the high-heel legs.

I bolded the most important part :D
*(Birthday card, ie the certificate), futon is I think the doll pillow, doll box sticks may be the foam edging to keep the box rigid, doll comes assembled.