Telesthesia and Dragon "Upsilon" and a Tiny Mixer

You can see him here on Alice's Collections--I put you on the main page so you can see the other fantasy dolls in the Dragon/Telesthesia line; there is also Crystal the Unicorn Girl (65cm tall) and a couple of other fun ones. I have only seen the big Dragon boys in person, they tend to have good head sculpts and occasionally some casting problems in the bodies, but it looks like they have gotten over that. I was just amused by Upsilon's accessories and the fact he looks faintly like a certain Canadian Prime Minister:

And here is Crystal's blank head:

I stumbled across this item on Pinterest, you need a Dremel and one of those floss holders, but if you put them together you get a tiny project mixer for eye resin or whatnot. It was called the "small batch mixer."