Lockheart18's Feather Wings

See all those pretty feathers? The ones on the wing are all cut paper, folded to give them some dimensionality, sprayed with spray paint, and then glued on with hot glue. Here's a look at the process, though for a full explanation and larger photos you should go to her deviant Art page .

It really was a labor of love, and I am interested in making a small version of these for Enoch my angel, because the real feathers are a bit messy and it's hard to get the exact shape and color I am looking for with natural feathers. I've been looking through cosplay stuff for doll ideas and I have to say that I wish more cosplayers were careful about foam, pvc and other plastic-based costumes--they look cool, but they can be flammable like paper and cardboard, and burns are bad enough without being trapped in something made of melting plastic. Good choices are wool, which can be felted and needle sculpted, leather and other other natural fibers. Wool and leather are actually pretty flame-resistant, especially wool treated with milk and dried (the casein is a retardant) or if you are worried about funky old milk smell, borax in solution works too. Super important if you are cosplaying around campfires, candles or tiki torches.