Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Earrings From Fabric Scraps

(14.05 minutes, you need some simple tools like jewelry pliers and some ear hooks and jump rings.)

I was looking on Ebay for some more African fabric scraps to pad out the supply Sicktress sent me (I have lots of ideas for Aya, so I was hoping to find a small feathery motif print in one yard.) So I found this seller on Ebay, and down in the comments/reviews, one buyer said they were going to "use the fabric to make earrings". And I was..earrings? Fabric? What sorcery is this? And it turns out the earrings are GREAT and they weigh very little and..well..I have a lot of fabric scraps. A..lot.

The video was taken from the Thriftanista in the City blog, and it's a really neat blog if you sew and if you are cheap. She is based in Atlanta and is as stylish as she is cost-conscious; if you click around in the posts you can see the things she has made for herself and her decorating style. Since my house looks like a cross between the back room at JoAnn's and a perennial Make and Take party, I am impressed.

Also Modge Podge is really fun with fabric. You can make little flower petals with it too.

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