Deesse 2 Arrives!!

A blurry photo, but you can see how great Sicktress' faceup is--and how pretty D2 is! (She is Isa here, a snow goddess-- and perhaps I should have thought that through in advance, but we could use the snow.:D) She fits perfectly on the Mirodoll muscle body, but the head also has a new, larger hole that looks like it could fit on an Idol..and it's always a temptation to "go up" in this house as it makes sewing way easier. And Sicktress sent me the resin samples too if I want to do a custom color at Impldoll.  I have her white eyelashes on order from Alice's Collections, as well as a doll stand for her.

I'm making progress on Aya's outfit, partly because I am excited to design for Rihanna, even the tiny resin version. Here is the progress so far--my machine hates the beautiful lining fabric, so it's going slow, but at least it's not a very complicated cut (All straight lines):

It will just snap in the back. I will make a little necklace to go with it and some kind of demented shrug from the other stuff in this pile:

Yes, those are feathers in that bag :D

Sicktress sent me more gorgeous fabric too. (Rubs hands together and cackles).


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