Kor Tools

So there I was on Pinterest, wasting time, and I saw a sheet of tiling patterns. I am always looking for tiling patterns for 3d projects, so I clicked on it, and it turns out not to be a digital texture/resource seller, but an art supply place called Kor Tools. Kor seems to make two things right now-- pattern rollers and pattern stamps. They are designed to jewelry scale and are meant to be used with the metallic jewelry clays you can buy. I looked at them and thought they would be fine for sculpey, but then I realized I was also looking at doll-scale fabric printing rollers--a small scale version of the Indian woodblock rollers that are used to make Indian cotton bedpreads and clothing patterns. Woot!
Here is the pattern, made by a roller that is approximately 5 inches across:

I suspect that the master is created with 3d printing, then cleaned up, and then the rollers are cast out of acrylic. The rollers are something I would call "finger rollers" without handles, and look like this:

The website loads a little sluggishly for me, but it works. I decided that this roller (the Pebbles) looked like it would be useful enough to give it a try, though it was not cheap--with shipping it came to 15.00, and that is shipping from Wisconsin. Once it comes I will try some stuff with it and take photos. They have some pretty awesome designs, and the tiny scale is exactly what I was looking for to print doll fabric. If it works well, I have my eye on this design too: