Ringdoll Judge of Hell

So Ringdoll makes some pretty cool dolls--they did Frankenstein a while back, and a Bride of Frankenstein as well, but since I have not ever bought one of their dolls I don't think to check their website regularily. But I did see a banner for this guy on Den of Angels, so I clicked to see what this  new guy was all about. And he is pretty spectacular. I picked out the sort of nerdy labelled photo here, because the outfit (91 centimeters tall with hat) is so incredibly detailed. There is a big writeup on the sales page of who he is and what everything represents, and you should check it out to see how much thought and detail went into this fullset. It takes a 120 days to put this guy together for you and 1166.00 USD, which sounds so cheap for all the stuff that is included. Normally I would say to go through Alice's for a lot of these Chinese doll makers, but since there are so many fragile pieces on this set I would say buy directly, so they won't have to ship to an intermediate, and then from there to you. Here's more photos:

Back view. You should go look at the detail photos, but here is more:

He's got a great face!! Normally these fancy sets are put on someone I am meh about, but just as a basic he is nice--sadly the elf ears only come with the fullset.

Faaancy hands! Look at the chick on his hat! Holy cow the detail! And LOOK AT THE FEET:

Yeah. Those feet.

 I don't need him, I have no room for him, but he has to be one of the most amazing, outrageously imaginative dolls I have seen for years. I wonder if the sculptor is the one who did the Soom Heliot all those years ago. I hope someday I get to see one of these dolls in person.