Agnes and Ausley

Here's a really bad photo of Ausley Love--it was storming like crazy when she arrived (I had to hold an umbrella over the carrier so the carrier wouldn't drown getting the box out of the truck) and I haven't really had a chance to take better photos yet. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be nice,  so I will try to get some then. This girl belonged to Siriusstar and is the original size and shape of Ausley--she has the "Dollshe ribcage," and is much smaller overall than the new big version of her. (Isa/ Sicktress' Deesse is on the newer Ausley Love body, with the Glamour Bust). Though it's hard to see, this is the Medium Bust, and one of the first things I did was to swap this for the Small Bust, because Miss Ausley is a pinhead. She really is. She is almost as small as the Souldoll Dark Agnes head in the back. But the smallest bust and poofy hair balances her smol head. I originally bought Ausley to poach her body for someone else, but I kind of like her quirky little head. She looks very cheerful. I now understand why someone would think that the Phoenix Doll Mei would work on this body, because Mei and Ausley's heads really are the same size. However, Mei has decided she is going to live forever on the cheap Mirodoll body that was supposed to be temporary, because she has been on it so long all her clothes are that size.

In case you were wondering, here is Agnes on the Ausley body:

Agnes in person isn't snooty (or blurry); she looks like she is trying not to laugh. if it wasn't for the neck, she could almost live on this body--the color is perfect.

Here's a better photo of her head alone:

Much more cheery here! I want to paint her now that I won't swelter on the porch, the lack of heating and cooling in that room is sad since it's such a great place to work. Agnes will share a ws soom body for now, she looks nice on the new body. I hope I can think of an appropriate name for her soon,she doesn't look like an "Agnes" to me :o

She does need hair, and my supply of size 7 wigs is low. I think I have eyes for her as she can wear fantasy eyes.