Adjusting color in Photoshop 5

OK, so nobody but me and JennyNemesis still own copies of 5, but I find it is quick for 90% of what I do for photos and it is loaded on this computer. If you are using CS9+, look smug and move along. As a side note, there are a million ways to do color adjustments in Pshop, this method only uses a few clicks and a mouse. First you take your photo:

Photo copyright JennyNemesis 2012, btw. She wanted more of a reddish purple on his kimono. So I did Select/Adjust by Color. Click on the color you are interested in changing with the dropper. "Fuzziness" on the slider is just "how much acreage you want to change". In Photoshop 5, everything untouched has a red cast. I find this hard to see. (They changed this in later versions to "crawling ants" to show the edges in the preview.

If you click "OK", THEN you get your crawling ants to see what you selected. If you need to make a spot selection bigger, then take the Magic wand and Right Click on the image with it, and you will get a prompt asking if you want to make the selection bigger, smaller, etc. If you goof, IMMEDIATELY hit control-Z because Photoshop 5 doesn't keep track of your history like later versions. I forget what the bailout command for Macs is, but if you are on a Mac, you know what it is. You are also not using Pshop5.

Once you have selected what you want to change, go to Image/Adjust and select Color Balance. Then here I just pushed towards more Red to get a more grape-like purple.

There, a bit more reddish purple! I did some other goofing around with selections and you can see on his hands where I didn't select as much as I should have. This is where I should have been working on a duplicate layer, because then you can be lazy and just erase the top layer to show the ok bottom layer.