Thursday, June 28, 2012

EID on an SID

A while back I bought a loose Jessica head, and had her on a Soom body, which looked good for size and fit but not for resin match, and then the Cuprit head I acquired took that Soom body.

Then I was able to find an inexpensive used Senior Iplehouse Doll body and put the Jessica head on it; though she was designed to go on the Elder iplehouse Doll body. Here's a comparison of the two bodies (Headless Girl has heel feet, that is why the Invisible Motorcycle stance):

I think Jessica actually looks better on the smaller body. I also learned how to string an SID body, because when I was trying to tighten it up, my hand slipped, I punched myself in the nose and the SID body slid to the floor and became several mysterious parts. I struggled for a long time with one knee piece until I looked at it closely and it said "D.I.S", so I turned it over and then it fit perfectly into the thigh.

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