Chocolates, a mansion, cars, and a bug

Today we went and visited the Peabody mansion, it was very cool.. but it definitely needed some work:

It has a lake behind it, with faux mansions that are like big condos, they are so close together. I was not tempted to swim in the lake, it smelled very...pondy.

The wilderness area around it was quite nifty --we found a frog pond, but the frogs were shy, so there were no photos, and we got hot and muddy enough that we went to the mall down the street for sushi and a drink, and saw these little guys:

Then we went to Downers Grove for coffee, and there was a car show through all of downtown. Mom had a Mercury that looked a bit like this car, but it was red: this is a 1955 Chevy.

Is this a quail on the Ford? I have no idea, it's just cool. Actually now that I look at again I think it's a grouse.

And finally a crazy bug on the lamp at home. I have no clue what it is, but it flies.


  1. The Mercury did look a little like that, but I previously had . . . a 1955 Chevy! It was black, and I loved it, but it got left behind when I left Peoria. Leaving it was the only bad thing about leaving Peoria.

  2. I can imagine, and I bet someone is still driving your Chevy. People looove their cars here!

  3. I love the chocolate mice!!! And a quick Google search told me the bug is and Ailanthus webworm moth. :)

  4. Wow, that sounds really exotic! (Or like a computer bug ;o)


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