Cat and Mouse

Stripey brought in a mouse last night around 1 AM. We turned on the lights, found the tongs and spent the next 20 minutes all racing around the room in our underwear, picking things up and leaping in the air when the mouse came at us. Eventually the mouse and Stripey headed out to the back door, and we turned off the light and went to bed. I have no idea what happened to the mouse, but I am sure Stripey thought it was great fun. I am sort of tired today.


  1. ha,ha - I just let my cat eat the mouse, no running for me - only the 2 cats and the poor mouse, its allways eaten next morning.

  2. I think from now on I will let the cat eat it-- I think that makes less mess. We tried that last night, and after a little crunching it was very quiet and we all slept well. :)


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