The Purple Monster (Wig)

Deb in Texas got this alarming wig from Ebay--it is made of the most gorgeous mohair, but the side pieces just didn't hang right and a strip of the skin was always visible, plus it was just..odd. She sent it to me and I got out some scissors and started to investigate. Here was the problem--the extension on the sides were made by folding the skin in half, which made one side look good but the other side with a double wide strip showing:

So I cut the strips on either side of the front of the wig off; took one strip, and cut that strip back open so it lay flat:

Then I cut the flattened strip in half.

Then I sewed one half to the left side of the front of the wig:

Kalypso tries it on. Looking good so far.

Then I added the other strip to the right side, and once again Kalypso was the tester:

So now I know a good way to make mohair extensions look ok, and Kalypso has the HUGE purple wig that I think she will wear a lot--the hair is gorgeous! I would use a thimble the next time I hand-sew a pelt, though, it takes a lot of pushing to get the needle through two layers. Now I have some purple mohair left over for other things :)