Waterfall Glen and Random Crap

Instead of moving boxes, we went to Waterfall Glen, which surrounds Argonne National Labs. The Lamont Road side is mostly for bikers and joggers, so we went around to the Cass road entrance, and walked down to the falls. The county will be working on the banks to contain erosion later in the summer and the winter, so we were lucky to walk down there and see it while it was open. It was pretty, but full of people and dogs, and a water snake. I tried to take a photo of it, but since I was the only person standing still, the snake swam RIGHT AT ME so the photo is blurry.

This is why the snake was swimming around:

The dogs were on leashes but it was not a wildlife-friendly spot. So we left and went back up Lamont Ave. to Lawn Ornament Heaven. The sculptures were expensive.(You can see how big the place is if you look in the glass ball's reflection) We decided that they charged by the pound instead of for aesthetic merit, since concrete is heavy to move around.

I also bought a decorative box in Downers Grove:

I should have bought a house-sized box. :D