Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stripey Cat's Not-excellent Adventure

late Monday night,around 3 AM, when the moon was shining, the garbage was out and it was warm outside, Stripey Cat decided to go for a walk. She went across the street, and tried (I think)to eat the food that belongs to the Cat From Spain. The Cat From Spain was born on an Air Force Base, and does not like other cats trespassing on it's property, coming into it's garage, or eating it's food.

It looks like he (or someone) just took his paw and spanked Stripey Cat, hard, on the butt, with his claws out.

The next day, $150.00 later, and a lot of paperwork, a shave for Stripey, and some antibiotics, we were mostly all better. I thought about taking a photo of the photo of a police dog in his tiny bulletproof vest hanging on the wall of the Animal Hospital, but my hands were full of Stripey Cat so I did not.

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