Skunk..and AC

K sent me a text from Philly: OH MAH GAWD ITS HOT OUT. The landlady here shows no sign of wanting to fix the central AC, which is making prospective buyers and renters flee quickly. Upstairs, (now mostly empty), it's hovering around 100F. We went out to eat with the excuse that we were keeping the kitchen clean for viewers, and when we came back in the evening I looked for the grey cat and he was sitting down at the side of the back yard, looking like a small velvet jar, watching fireflies. J walked down to see him and stopped, turned around and walked back, whistling for the cat; who stood up and strolled up the lawn and then up the stairs to the back door. What I couldn't see, (and J could) was a large skunk that had been sitting with him, just under the bushes. The cat didn't seemed alarmed at all; maybe he thought the skunk was just another cat.

When we move out, there will be a skunk den in the back of the yard, bees in the shed over the rabbit warren, and birds in the garage eaves (they have a big nest there.)