Monday, June 18, 2012

Julia Valeria

HerrZog has painted another Vesuvia--I love this one's Egyptian look and the perfect way it fits the character's "backstory" of being both Roman and Egyptian. Every now and then I have to go check HerrZog's flickr and see what new marvels have appeared:(a tanned Minifee Chloe, among other things!)

HerrZog's Flickr

A long time ago I read a book with the same title, and since it was written in 1951 you can guess how long ago it was. At the time I was so amazed at how the heroine, Julia, was not willing to sit around and have things happen to her, as was standard in the romantic fiction of the time. She was indeed Julia the Valorous. The setting seemed wonderfully exotic, too, and the book was responsible for several years of my taking Latin classes and reading about Roman culture. So I am glad to see she has such a beautiful namesake!

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