Friday, August 10, 2012

A chicken in a hat...

A fancy feathered hat (from the Kane County Fair, a leftover photo)

A chick in feathers..(What IS that, Popodoll?? The Barbarian of Rythmic Gymnastics?)

And Galena Chicken Feet, which I need to finish painting. I would have worked on them today, but a good chunk of today was spent at the Arboretum Animal Hospital, waiting for a doctor to see the gray cat, who (we think) rolled in the mulch outside and got a stick in his eye, or at least the corner of it. He seems to be fine now, though he will need monitoring and twice-daily eye salve. There is no point in having him be an inside cat, either, since he is capable of eating a cord on the miniblinds or finding pins to chew on, or pulling a bookcase over on himself. At least outside he is busy chasing things on grass 90% of the time, and then he comes in and sleeps.

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