Suddenly Rabbits

I went out into the screened porch to store some boxes (it's become a storage room for the moment) and the cats were staring intently at something on the back lawn. It was 2 large rabbits.

These were much larger than the baby bunnies that my gray cat caught and ate every night at the rental house, so I figured the rabbits were safe, until I turned around to go back in.

I got the tongs, picked the rabbit up with a lot of difficulty as he was heavy. As the gray cat yowled and fussed, I took the rabbit out and put it under a bush. Somehow the cat had managed to grab the rabbit,(as big as the cat himself is), and then the cat dragged the rabbit to the house and then up and over the windowsill, into the screened porch.

There is too much "nature" here, I have decided. There are birds everywhere because the previous owner fed them, and they also poop everywhere. Because of the leftover bird food, there are mice, and because there are mice, there are snakes. (I have not seen one yet, and I am ok with that.) I was standing chatting with my neighbor Ed about the local wildlife (the house roof had to be replaced because while it was empty somehow raccoons moved in up there, and a possum). While we were talking I felt something sting my foot, and just as I was saying "Damn ground bees!" I looked down and my foot was covered in ants..I was standing on an ant's nest. This was the first time I had ever told someone "Ed, I gotta go--I have ants in my pants" and meant it!