Angelic Creations

Since I have a house now, I felt the need for my own lawn ornaments. I thought I would start out with a garden fairy, and work my way up to gnomes, or perhaps windmills or lawn dragons. I'd driven past Angelic Creations several times in Naperville, and finally stopped to check out the merchandise yesterday. Their selection is cuter than the place down on Lamont, and I found this lady right away:

So I went in to pay and discovered that the lawn statuary is just a sideline: Angelic Creations is actually a doll shop. There wasn't much in the way of ball jointed dolls, but there were chairs, some clothes that looked like they could be repurposed, and a really cute Delilah Noir that I resisted with some difficulty. AND there were wigs, and eyes, and all kinds of other fun things. In the first picture you can see Angel Whitt herself, poking at the computer, and her assistant working above a whole bin of wigs. Note the doll in the back having her hair rollered, and not one, but two lucky cats in the window. If you have antique dolls, or need a doll fixed, this looks like the place. I'm going back later for eyes. Or maybe a lawn dragon.