Cat on Roof

Day 2 in the new house, cats are out; Stripey is fixated on the pond and the gray cat climbed the pergola onto the roof. We thought we would have to take apart the heater if he went down the chimney, like a Cat Claus, but luckily he lost interest and came down via the side fence. Stripey also likes the disgusting shag carpet (dog smell not included in photo)

They also sat together to create a Siamese Cat:

They have adjusted to a new house better than I expected, though the gray cat refuses to use the inside litter boxes. I am a little concerned about where he is doing his business, but the neighbor dog on the south side ("Scooter", who has a big German Shepherd body and a hysterically little beagle head, and a perpetual doggy smile) roams about freely so random poopage is apparently ok in the neighborhood. There are skunks here also, and a black and white cat that my other neighbor Vera (former Cobol programmer from the Czech Republic, now craft fair vendor) joked that the black and white cat was a crossbreed from the skunk. She also said last year they trapped about 30 groundhogs, which seems like a lot unless you consider that it might be the same annoyed groundhog over and over, as they just relocated the 'hog(s) to a nearby park.