Problem Mirrors

When we first walked through the house, J and I agreed that the mirrors had to go. Two sides of the living room are covered with mirrors. High quality, bevelled mirrors. Aside from the problem of my having no interest in watching myself vaccum or pick up mouse bits off the carpet (which is mostly all I have done so far in there) the mirrors on this side have been damaged--if you look at the door, the mirror covering it has been smashed by slamming the door shut. (Look at the doorknob, where it was cleverly repaired with duct tape). The door can be fixed by taking it off it's hinges and putting it on the curb, but the panel above it has some water damage, and the whole run of mirrors has a metal frame on the top and bottom that was welded on there for the ages--otherwise I would just put contact sticky paper over the whole thing, put on a pair of goggles and have at the mirrors with a prybar.

I think the previous owner who installed them regretted the mirrors as well..she had a huge sofa-set in the sun porch, and the movers refused to move the couches through the door past the mirrors, so she hired Junk Kings to come with a chainsaw.. and cut up the couches and remove them. I went out and measured the screen door and if the movers had taken the outside screen door off, they could have taken the couches out of the sun porch and then down the hill through the garden gate; but hey, I wasn't here when they were moving out. The couches were pretty ugly.

And I am getting used to the mirrors, though when I needed a mirror to look for mice in the crawlspace, there wasn't a single one in the house that was less than 2 feet long.