Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hermione is a Fairyland Dreaming Moon--for ages I have had him on a Soom Super Gem girl body--I bought the SG body from Tygati and she stuck Hermione's head on it just for a joke when she sent it to me, but the resin match and the sculpt looked perfect together. So I gave him a girly faceup, and as time went on, he collected various tulle dresses and tiaras.

Last week I finally got around to swapping some bodies around and got Hermione on his "real" male Feeple body..only to discover that he looks weird to me in boy clothes. And as I have a heavy investment in princess dresses, I guess I'll need to let out some seams in the top of the dresses and he'll go back to his regular wardrobe. The Feeple body is an amazing poser in spite of Mecha Angel-sized legs, better than the female version, IMO.

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