House Tour

I am probably the only person to have a wtf koi pond. I think the reason the liner is pulled up is that Deborah, the previous owner, bought a 24 inch deep liner and then was told that the koi would need at least a 36 inch depth if they were going to "over winter" successfully, so she sort of folded it in half and stuck it in a deeper hole. The other theory is that she didn't buy the "geothermal liner" that is supposed to cushion and provide an escape route for methane and other gases that build up under the pond as things decay under it, and pulling up one side vents it. In either case, the koi will either go to my neighbor's koi pool in the back, or back to the shop for winter; the pond will get redug and relined, and have frogs and goldfish instead. And water lilies.

View of kid paradise next house over, from my dining room. Not shown: trampoline, Scooter the dog, 7 children, flaming chiminea or James, age 8 with his airsoft gun and dirt bike. I am hoping that eventually James will be interested in mowing the front lawn, once I get grass to grow on it.

And finally, a cat in a box!


  1. FC - Love the house especially the little breakfast alcove. The garden is lovely and a great place for BJD photos. Maybe it was best that the first house did not work out. Jo

    1. I think you are right--this one will at least not fall over, and it has faucets outside for more convenient watering. :) And it has lots of closets and storage space, which seems not to have been invented yet when the other house was built! And thank you!

  2. ooooooo! looks like Paradise ♥ Perhaps James would taste good on the bar-b-que. :)

  3. I love children! With ketchup! (You are so bad :D) The kids have been good, though. Mostly we have been moving plants around, the previous owner put all the big plants in front and the ground cover in back of the beds. It's been a lot of fun..and exercise. We got the queen of the wasps out today, too, so that nest is empty and I can mow there again by the gate.

  4. Very cool photos and great descriptions
    I think you have a great place to live, especially when you get rid of the little tenants

  5. With your advice, maybe we can give the mice the boot! Thank you again!


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