Head Swap:Old Soom Heads, New Bodies

(Click to enlarge photos) AnitaS wanted me to show an older Soom head on the new body. On the left is Sensei Fuzzy, Soom MD Sphaler; on the right Bird, Soom Tremo.

The inside of Bird's faceplate. You lift off the magnetic backplate, then hold the faceplate (very important) before you lift the banana. Otherwise the faceplate just falls off. Trust me.

The "banana" on the neck. I slipped a ribbon under it and tied together the two loops of elastic so I could pull on them. I was unwilling to use the resin banana for a puller.

Comparing the two heads--the Sphaler head is smaller than the Tremo head, but not by much. Both wear 8-9 wigs, though Tremo does better with a stretchy wig.

Comparing torsos--Tremo's is much thicker in the chest and upper arms, but the neck dimensions are almost the same.

Sphaler on the new body. I think it looks fine, if silly here.;)

Banana on the old body; fits fine.

Faceplate, then headcap, and the two guys are swapped. I think Tremo looks a little bobble headed, but future heads from Soom may be smaller, since they vary in size (Tremo and Chrom are fairly close in size and maybe color, too, if you have a tan Chrom head.)

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