Friday At Last/ Soom Free Choice Gneiss

And yes, this is the box my Free Choice Gneiss came in! Outer box in perfect shape:

Pillows are ivory instead of pinkish this time:

 Everything came perfectly, and my only challenge was glueing the magnets in her wings and snakes--but this time I was smart and labelled each of the holes with pencil, and the magnets with a sharpie pen.

 There was an awkward moment when I realized she had been sent with a hook; but she has a faceplate and really needs the resin "banana". I have a spare banana but it is inside Laurel's head, so I grubbed around in the spare parts box and found a Luts donut instead, and put it in. It works fine, though a keychain ring would work just as well.

 Here is the size of the magnets, in case you need to order extra (though Soom actually sent me extras!):

Roughly 9mm across, I'd say, and pretty thick, maybe 5mm (I can measure the exact size of the extras if you need to know). Here are the small pieces laid out:

Here she is modelling a blonde wig; though that isn't how I was planning on styling her this time:

And, 24 hours later, Sabrina with her wig, clothes and magnets all glued in!:

I was hoping to paint her this week, but once again it is raining. It has been like Costa Rica here this summer. And now, a teaser for someone else, Some Assembly Required:

Also, a photo of where all the play money for this year went--up in smoke--we had the chimney relined since it was getting rain in it, and then the bend in the basement was almost rusted through:

The fix is supposed to last decades, though--that is stainless steel. As long as the furnace works properly, it's all worth it.


  1. Oh man! I adore that little smile she has. SOOM gets me with every sculpt... just so nice! But she is particularly lovely - can't wait to see her painted (when the weather gives a little)... and this blue gal looks awesome already @____@

    Sorry the house ate your fun money. :X Mine will likely be taking it all until we move. I wanted one with character... I got it! We had one of the chimneys removed when we moved in - still haven't looked into the other one - which seems to be two sided running down the center of the house - crazy Victorians... suppose they just wanted to make it through a NY Winter.
    Hope this fix outlasts your stay with the house! I just hope to leave this old gal in better shape than we found her. She is older than the automobile - so I figure she'll outlast us... as long as we give her all the fun money, right?

    Ever loving the blog! Enjoy the rest of the season, lady!

    1. Your house sounds so cool! the Victorians are money pits though--I always wanted one until I had a friend that actually owned one, and it was a constant, hilarious stream of fixit problems--and they were contractors so they had the knowlege and the tools, it's just the house kept finding new ways to prank them :D Once Gneiss is painted up I will post her up again, and thank you! <3


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