Tomatoes and Pauline

Yes, it's the end of summer, and I am trying to get everything ready for winter, which includes getting rid of all the tomatoes we successfully grew this year. We are only planting cherry tomatoes next year.

I tried to give some to a neighbor up the street and he said "Dear God, no." The wet weather means everyone has bumper crops of everything; and of course we all planted more or less the same stuff.

 Because of the yard work, I haven't had time to be on line as least, to do anything but read  Poser tutorials, since I now have Poser 11... and everything is different. Some things are a lot better in this version, but others are strange and new. I do like the new Poser dollie, Pauline, that everyone else hates, because she does need to be customized to look the way you want, and it's not obvious how to do that at first--she has control handles in her face, which is really weird and really easy to use once you figure out what they are and why they are there. Also the rest of her body and face morphs are in really odd places compared to the older versions of Poser. So she has been my guinea pig for learning the new renderer and also to refresh my memory of how to paint textures, since it's been a while since Andy and I did the last box set (last Christmas, in fact!). Here's Pauline when you first load her up in Poser:

 Not too gorgeous, really; but all the figure look bad when they are in their default state. After some painting and poking (all with tools inside Poser, except for repainting her eyebrows, bump and lip maps in Photoshop), I got this:

And also this:

(The shaded place are control surfaces you can push around, they don't show in the final renders)

and this:

Amusingly, I have a lot of jewelry for her, and no clothes. At all. Because she isn't as popular as the glamorous Daz girls, I may have to learn how to make 3d clothing. :o


  1. poser 11 already? I bought 9 last I think and have 5 or 6 on a computer... time poofs! anyway, she looks great in your hand! very lifelike! love the texture and the bumpy details!

    1. I think 9 is my favorite--it has the new material room and it seemed to be super stable; things render fast too! And thank you! There is something addictive about Poser dolls--they are so cheap compared to bjds...if you ignore computers and upgrades and add-on software ;)


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