Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Morning Glories

It's almost the end of the morning glory season, but right now they are at their best. The giant vines on the back fence don't seem to want to set flowers, but that might be because I planted them too late.

 The accidental one on the compost with the giant leaves has set little purple trumpets, very pretty, but very small compared to the leaves:

The best bloomer is the one I put in the old SCA chest that the lid fell off of:

I'm sorry to say I think a claw-footed tub would be cuter than the wooden box...

And finally, the usual bee backside. The bees just ignore me now, I am just that weird garden animal that putters around while they eat.
I did nothing doll-related today, unless you count rendering a Poser doll countless times with the new Superfly renderer. It's very slow on the quality levels, I have yet to find a setting that includes "accurate shadows" and "renders in my lifetime."

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