Paul of House Poser

So this guy is Pauline's twin bro, and I spent today trying to get him fixed up a little. Here he is in his native state, and with a morph that I made for him in Argile, shoving around his existing polygons:

His eyebrows are still weirdly high after the morph was added, but his mouth looks a little better--to be fair, Paul the First would look better if his jaw was pushed up to close his mouth; the rest of his face is not terrible, though there were lines from the original template on his face texture map, which makes me think Paul was not really a priority for Smith Micro when they were setting up Poser 11. I think the corners of his eyes disappoint me the most--they are just not sculpted correctly, and the lacrimals are wrong. Also the mapping for the eye is not optimal; the cornea and eye itself is ok, but the rest of it is not easily found on the other maps. There isn't any extra mesh for different eye shapes or folds or a place for a tear line, and the lashes are shaped slightly wrong as well, and attached oddly. There is a way to subdivide the mesh in Poser, but if I am going to be subdividing things I might as well go into Argile and make my own dumb head, which probably would be just as problematic as the Paul head... but it would be mine.

Later in the day, after more poking around:

This is without subsurface translucency--somewhere there is a python script that helps you set it up, but I have to go find it.