Thousand Dollar Centaur

...and worth every penny--she is huge, Zenith Girl sized. (You can do 6 months layaway). While the  Serena the Centaur is spectacular, and her outfit is also glorious, I've never been a centaur doll person any more than I like resin mermaid tails. But here is a couple more photos (the page is worth a visit just for the photos, there are lots!

But if you just want a doll with legs, Souldoll is happy to oblige; there is Serena Human Version:

Haha I want the boots EVEN MORE THAN SERENA though it's a close call. Sadly the boots are not in the shoe section--I looked. And I hear you say, "I wanted legs b-b-but I wanted the elf ears!" YES you can have the head with elf ears on your boot-wearing elf girl--it's on the drop down menu and it doesn't change the price to swap it for the human-eared head. Since I bought a chimney I can just look at the elf and wave--maybe we will meet in two years on the Marketplace.

Souldoll, by the way, was careful to point out that they braided the hair for the photos and the wig you will be getting is the usual Soom-type silver or blonde wave braid (I suspect they buy them from the same place Soom does).


  1. They've added the boots~ and they're offering them in three different earthy tones:

    I don't think I can escape her glorious human outfit though...!! That whole centaur really is spectacular... oh, but this hobby is dangerous!

    1. I love that outfit...and yay for the boots!! Thank you so much for letting me know! I hope you show off anything you order <3

  2. Outfit here! Sooooo nice. She's gonna be Beryl's bodyguard~!

    It was a birthday present~ so lovely <3
    Ever enjoying the blog, Fishcake!! One of my favorite things I check the Internet for! \o/ Internet (for me) = SOOM, recipes, DOA, and Fishcake's blog. (aaaand - how to spell certain words.. bodyguard - one word.) ;3

    1. wow, congratulations!! i really love this doll (the human version), but I think I will have to try to get her as a secondhand. I am hoping lots of spam will happen when they start to ship!


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