Iplehouse Peach Gold

Sicktress sent me a Peach Gold Senior Iplehouse Body. I now have the puzzle of getting a head on it, but it was a deal and it's an interesting color. This is the 2015 Peach Gold, I think--I have heard the newest batch is a little more translucent, and certainly the Glow version is much more translucent. I think originally this might have had an Edan head on it and was part of an auction, but I am not sure. It poses really well! I had hoped to put an Impldoll Tank head on it but it just perches on top--it would need some modifying and the color is definitely not a match:

I also have a Granado Jupiter head currently sharing an Evol body, so I thought I would try that. It almost fits--enough to stay on, anyway, and the color is less jarring. But he looks a bit pinheaded on it, IMO:

Here is the view from the side:

I think I might put up a Want To Buy notice on Den of Angels for a Peach Gold or Normal Shane, Vincent, Omar or Alberto head. Or an Edan.  Somebody must have an extra one somewhere ;) 


  1. Hey! This used to be my body! If it has the strongman arms it's from Edan when he was originally released, if it has normal arms it's from Giorgio and I can look up when I got him! Let me know!

    1. It has the strongman arms :D Also he has a dark speck on one toe. It's a cool body--I just need to hunt down a head. I should add Edan to my list! Thank you so much!


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