Doll Storage

I have to be somewhat organized with my dolls, since I share my living space. I do keep the boxes that come from the factory, but for the dolls that don't fit in them once they are put together (I'm looking at you, Vesuvia) these underbed tupperwares by Sterilite are great. The sides do let in light, so you can see (in the inset) where I have wrapped the doll in fleece remnants--JoAnn's always has a ton of remnants in the fall in Chicago, and the fleece is soft and non-staining. Here's how I store the clothes for the dolls that have a lot of stuff:

I'm thinking of swapping out the labels for printed-out photos, so people other than me can find the right box for a doll's certificate and feet-- K knows some of the doll's names but I think J has no idea.
Here's the boxes for dolls that don't have a lot of "stuff" beyond a wig or two or some jewelry--though the larger boxes do hold things like props, swords etc.

I can usually remember who has what by the design on the box--at one point they were in alphabetical order, but the shape of the boxes made them hard to stack efficiently, since they aren't standard sizes. (I buy them on sale at Michael's and JoAnn's; the big ones are cheapest from Marshall's Home Goods, and they have the most fun designs).

Here are the factory boxes chilling in the basement, with the laundry. (Because we are on a hill and there is always a small possiblity of water, I don't keep any doll boxes on the bottom shelf)

Since the boxes are light, they only need a cheap plastic shelf from Home Depot. The dolls that I am actively working with sit in the utility closet; it's a little crowded right now so I should probably rebox a couple to get more elbow room for the rest:

Some of these guys are hybrids, so here they are by head mold:
 Top shelf: Soom Garnet, Granado Fayette, Iplehouse Doria (I might sell her, I haven't decided yet), Granado Mercury, Soom Epidia, Impldoll Bella,
Second Shelf:Granado Xavier, Granado Davon (wearing someone elses wig), Resinsoul Jun, Iplehouse Bliss, Soom Beryl, Luts Shushu, Soom Sphaler 1.
Bottom Shelf:Soom Elf Sabik,Soom Cuprit, Iplehouse Vamp Bianca, Soom Amphibel (hidden by hooves), Fairyland Chloe 65, Souldoll Paratiisi.
On the Floor: Soom Alex, Soom Agate, Soom Sphaler 2, 5 Star Angelo girl (you can barely see her red wig).
Oh, there is a Malibu Skipper up there, too :D


  1. wow. you're my dolly organization hero! XD

    1. It would be better if I actually put things away in the boxes consistently ;) But thank you!


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