Monday, September 19, 2016

Mitsuwa and a Proto-Pumpkin

It was a small group this time, but so fun (It's actually easier with less people, as the space we can use is sort of limited). This is an Oasisdoll Nathalie, which I had never seen in person before--she's just gorgeous! Lots more:
Some very pretty boy (that is his default faceup) maybe Loongsoul or Ringdoll (I was told the name, did I write it down? No, and probably that was just as well, I like him a lot.

A Dollfie Dream girl in her fullset, and a very shy Volks boy--I want to say he is a Shiro, but I am often led astray by the fact I learned the Volks molds from JennieNemesis, so I tend to call the Volks dolls by her names and not the factory ones :o
A 60 cm Dollzone Mo (not the msd sized one) and after some though,t I think this is a Dollzone BBJing. He's definitely one of the 2009 ish small Dollzone kids, and he's cute as a button.

A bespectacled Unoa and a Minifee (I think) next to her, and a gorgeous Vanessa head in the back--my photo of Vanessa came out blurry, but the faceup is so well done!

A very tall, elegant Dollzone Yuu, and his pretty friend, whose name I also did not write down:

More girls:

These are Akutenshi07's girls and they are her "shoulder demon" and "shoulder angel"; both MNF Rheia heads, though the very worried angel was a sleeping plate originally. I think it's funny the angel looks like "My job is a hard one" while the demon probably says things like "You can totally afford the new Angel Studio girl AND a centaur! Or two!" and does a little dance. The little scorpion girl was a lucky bag find! Including the wig! :D

I only brought a project rather than a completed doll, a Resinsoul Lian, and I totally forgot to bring a dress to put her in once she was assembled, so she spent part of the meet in a bubble wrap dress..which she is still in:

I love the color! Supposedly she is the original blue, but faded--I like it better this color.

Here are some leftoever weekend photos: The morning glory on the compost pile:

The raspberries we bought at the farmer's market:

And my baby pumpkin! I'm so excited, the possums, or someone, had been eating the pumpkin flowers so nothing was setting fruit until now. I hope this one is now too big to nom, it's the size of my fist:

It was a fun weekend..and Akutenshi found me real bubble tea! <3

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