Pumpkin Gloating

It's hard to see, but that is a 9-inch green pumpkin lurking in there. It is already larger than anything I have grown, including last year's cabbage heads. Even if something comes and eats it, I have grown a pumpkin! I have plans to put them in front next year, as they really need maximum sun--you can see a bit of powdery mildew going on here, from being in humid shade.  I don't feel like I have to eat them, they can be decorations too--unlike the tomatoes.

 As of today, I am down to 2 tomatoes, and the chipmunks have learned to pick the cherry tomatoes on the deck. As the saying goes, "I ain't even mad", but grateful someone is eating them and they are not going to waste. We seem to have picked up a local possum too--I have seen it twice now at night, rummaging through pineapple rinds and corn cobs out inthe compost pile; and there were bite marks on some of the tomatoes as well. I was OK with that. I like possums, as long as they aren't living in my attic. (My parents had some possums in theirs, and it was a mess and they had to be evicted.)

The morning glories on the second compost pile:

Wild elderberries the birds are eating:

The end-of-the-season zinnias that I grew from seed--they were about 3 times taller than I was expecting:

And while I struggled with Poser code this weekend, J made a pie (from store bought pumpkins)

Soon the owls will be in my big pine tree--it feels like fall now! I might even miss tomatoes ;)