New Iplehouse Fashions

When Iplehouse employees should have been home relaxing for the Fall Festival, they were instead sitting at the family dinner table, sewing. Today there are new photos of some glorious dresses: this one is the Red Pearl , modelled by Miss Bibiane (an E.I.D.)

And look at SID Eva as the Snow Queen! She looks almost more amazing than the dress--Iple should offer the wig as an accessory ;) I do think this means that you should assume the dress is SID size, as Iple clothes tend to run small.

I think this is SID Grace (?) in the Red Butterfly: (The outfit set includes the necklace, but not the crown)

Doria in the confusingly named "Black Leona": (Doria is an EID)

And Rexy in the Princess White dress (aw, so cute!) I love those NYID girls!

And I tell myself I have an Eva, I don't need a Snow Queen version.

 Though I am still not over Grace in her green lipstick as Elpheba. :p Even the jewelry on that set was awesome. Ooo, it's still for sale!