Soom Raon

He's like the boy version of Breccia, and the pinkest, cutest "all Purpose Fox Boy" you will ever see. It's only 150USD over his base price to get the fullset of hands, ears and fancy feet. He's really cute (I admit I love pink) but some of this is great photography and styling. At home he'd still be the tall, mildly- unstable- standing guy with ears that bump out of position if you look sideways at them. That said, you should also order his wig and go to ebay for a National Artcraft stand if you want him, and probably also buy some plastic cherry blossoms. :D He comes in Cream White and Baby Pink.

Here's a shot of the body, since there isn't one in the promos--this is the new Soom Super Gem 2016 body:

I need to make this guy some clothes....

And here is a better link for the National Artcraft Doll Stands!


  1. Are National Artcraft stands suffecient to hold up a supergem? I've been looking high and low for nice stands for my supergem ladies and the only one I've found that can deal with their weight and high center of gravity is always out of stock at mint on card :/

    1. They are sturdy enough (I have two of the waist style and I wish I had bought the saddle style instead. What they do need is to have a cover made for the base--it's slippery and there are two metal struts that support the upright part, and they can scratch dolls. I cut up an old terrycloth towel and used hot glue to fasten it down, so the doll's feet won't slide and it's a good soft surface to stand on. The best stands I ever found were made by Chattybratty on ebay but now she mostly just does wigs. Her stands were heavy wood, I really like them.


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