Antarctica Facts

It's bigger than we both thought :D Article from NASA here. Here it looks like we are going to get some early snow--it's not in the forecast but the local road crews have put down salt and that usually means it will snow, no matter what the forecast is. I have a theory it's some old guy with a bad knee that tells them he's "getting that twinge" so they go run the de-icer over the roads. I still haven't raked leaves, repotted a plant, or even mowed in back, so of course it will snow. I did order a birdbath de-icer from Webb's Water Gardens, but otherwise I am in denial about the whole winter thing.


  1. we got 1st snow in the city yesterday. it's pretty but ugh never ready for winter.

    can't wait to see the new dress put together!

    1. It came early this year too--last year I was still picking cherry tomatoes right up to Thanksgiving. This year I will be lucky to get the leaves up!


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