Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Saga Continues...

We have been having some kind of leak, probably from the dishwasher, for about a week, from the ceiling under the kitchen to the basement floor. I started washing dishes by hand, but there was still water in the basement. So last night I decided to listen and see if I could hear where it was dripping upstairs, and then I made the fatal error of trying to pull the dishwasher out from under the cabinet, which I think sheared off the hot water supply. So then of course I heard A LOT of water and the basement became a rain forest. Even more aggravating, the shutoff valve under the sink did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and we ended up turning the (brand new) valve to the main, which shut off the water... but which  also meant that we have no water. So in theory the plumber will come out again today to collect his second payment on his yacht, assuming his wife doesn't have her baby and that neither he or his buddy Mike have the flu.

Anyway, I did take a couple of photos of the outfits that Arekushia sent me for Christmas (and there are more; but the box she sent is put up where it is out of the way of water, along with most of my Christmas cards, presents and thank you notes.) Here is Liana, my Nephelin in a perfect gray sparkle gown (I need to take the pattern of this one, I love it!)

Also there is this magnificent beaded creation--there are more parts to the outfit, but here is one set of the pieces (I made the shoes)

That is a old Iplehouse 60 cm body with a Impldoll Karena head--the Karena head is small so it fits nicely on these slimmer bodies.

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