Spiritdoll Dahlia

She is a Spiritdoll Proud, and she is tall: 66 cm tall, and to me she looks a little like the Withdoll girls--maybe it is the makeup. Her promos are in White Skin, and it's Really White.

 Spiritdolls are nice; I have never had one, but I have seen them at meets. They have changed the old body somewhat into Version 2, the new body is a little plumper so the head/body ratio looks different:

Here are the measurements--lots of people use the bodies as a place to put Soom heads. Iplehouse heads will go on, but the neck hole gaps.

If you go to Dahlia's sales page, you can see a photo of the 3 bust sizes, and the comparison between a single body (no waist or bust joint) and one with the high waist joint. (As seen in the photo above).
She is listed as a "new arrival" so I am thinking you have a couple of months at least to order her.