Sadol Diamond Eyes

In case your doll wasn't fancy enough, there are diamond eyes! With my luck I would just drop it into the heater vent when I was trying to put them in, and that would be that. However, Sadol has a bunch of other really nice-looking eyes for more what the going price is for "good" eyes:

These are 40.00 usd and come in 14, 16, and 18mm. The doll they show them in has kind of funky eyewells so they don't show (I think) to advantage, but you can see the color and clarity. I like the darker rims a lot. If you are in the US and want sparkly eyes, Fabric Friends and Dolls has Oscars in stock, and they seem to restock frequently and have a lot in the 12mm to 14mm size.
Thank you Cat for seeing the diamond eyes!