Cool Label, Cool Moon, Cold Cat and Cool Lamp

I saw this on an endcap at Target, and as a perfectly happy drinker of box wine at chain restaurants, I thought, "How bad can it be?" My first clue:

Also the label says that it is a "blend of wines". It does not say "reminiscent of the water left on top of glasses in your dishwasher mixed with a hint of rubbing alcohol and perhaps a touch of Windex"; because then even the gorgeous label would not help make you buy it. There are several tarot cards/labels you can buy of the same vintage; but for the price of three of these bottles, you could buy a very lovely, complete deck and not have to dispose of the "wine".

And now a blurry photo of the January Supermoon.

 Outside temperature:

(The plumber who helped stop the flood came this morning to work in the unheated garage and do a bit of pipe removal outside. It helps that he is a Chicago native, but still.) Cat thermometer:

              And this lamp came today, a Christmas present from K!! It is spectacular!

                   I'm so glad the cold and the UPS shipper didn't ding it! Thank you hon! <3