Monday, January 8, 2018

Iplehouse's Current Auction

It's a pretty good batch! The Marien is particularily nice, she has the special body with the engraved "tattoo", and that SID body is so pretty. Doria and I never really warmed up to each other, but she is beautiful!

Akutenshi won one of the previous auctions! She got a Leonard and he is just gorgeous "at home"--and she saved a bundle. A good thing, because he now needs clothes ;)

I have been distracted from dollies--the dishwasher has joined the general plumbing dysfunction and will need to be replaced..eventually. I still need to pay off the plumber from our New Year's Exploding Pipe Party. :o

I can't complain though--Cat in Long Island was boiling snow to get coffee--they are all iced up.

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