Grahame the General

He's a Soom Idealian and I am not crazy about how he is painted, but he's a good sculpt, and I love his outfit!
His Tawny cousin looks better, I think--but that is partly because I think Tawny is an awesome color anyway. Here is a pic:

For some reason this faceup just looks better to me. He could use a hat with earflaps, too ;)
Thank you Cat for spotting him!


  1. He's a nice looking doll! Like you, I prefer the tawny version - I think the faceup on the white resin is just too dark to look natural.

    1. I think you put your finger on exactly what bothered me about the white version--it is too heavy! But I do like the sculpt itself. Idealians are so huge, though.:o


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