Who's a Pretty Bird?

Zi Gui, the Cuckoo Fairy, that is who! 69 centimeters of wonderful, in a BIG box! She is Normal Pink, and that was a good call as the body blushing I asked for is also pink, and it might have been startling on the White Skin. Here she is without clothes, this is Medium Bust. (You can imagine the splendor of the Large Bust). It's a link as it's NSFW:


Here she is with scarves--I wish I had gotten her fullset, I may go back and see if I can get it from Alice if I manage to sell something here.

Her face painting is awesome:

In person she looks very kindly and sweet, which I was not expecting-- but I am so delighted! Loongsoul sent extra hooks, the "dog tag" and her certificate, and a pair of pretty eyes--they were gray though, so I swapped them for the Ersa Flora pinks you see above. They also sent a 2018 calendar of their fantasy line dolls, which included that cute little money amphibian and the Dragon Daughter girl they had for sale in Nov/Dec. Zi Gui looks perfect for winter right now, though eventually I want to get her a more fantasy colored wig, jewelry and shoes. Loongsoul painted her toes very cutely, so I need to find her some summer sandals eventually. She sits and stands like a champ! I am glad she shipped with her head on, as she is strung very tightly--it was a nervous moment taking her head off to get her eyes in, and then getting the head back on without scratching her body blushing.

Everything about her is well done, from the perfectly-fitting headcap to the little plate attached to the back of her headcap. Even the wait wasn't bad for a fully-blushed doll--I ordered her in September, so that was around 5 months, about what I would expect from a Soom doll. I see how people get addicted to these Loongsoul dolls. :D