The Princess And The Frog at Iplehouse

She's an NYID Princess, my favorite size!  And she is very pretty--though I actually like the blank sculpt even more than the painted version (I would do the lips differently, though Iplehouse's default is perfectly nice). She also has a gorgeous dress that I suspect was made by SartoriaJ:

Isn't that great? Here is her pretty, pretty blank face:

Miss Lucia looks like a slightly more serious Wendy--and she also has different expressions at different angles! I also think she would be really cute in Peach or Realskin, to bring out the lines of the sculpt. And if you think Lucia is cute, CHECK OUT THE FROG:

Is that not the cutest little frog-boy you have ever seen? Akutenshi spotted him first ;) and sent me a link. I normally don't care for Iplehouse's Creaa line because they are ..well unearthly; but for a fairytale Frog Prince he's perfect. Also I suspect Iplehouse was so thrilled to make those little frog feet and hands! And best of all he's somewhat inexpensive, 340.00 blank, though it goes up fast as you add paint and clothes and shipping. The problem is that if you get Clive (Mr. Frog) then he's going to be lonely without his princess :o. You see the sly plan of Iplehouse here :D

I know "Fairy Tales" are a terrible doll cliche, but I love them.