Admiral Pickering's New Wig

Courtesy of Jenny Nemesis' crew. :D The Admiral seems to be the rainmaker; I am hoping to spray him this weekend..if it doesn't rain.

J took out the trash cans this morning and came in to tell me that the pond filter was on it's side again..due to turtles or raccoons-- or as I suspect, changes in water pressure that push the stupid filter off it's rock. It has a side diverter from the fountain so you can adjust how big you want the fountain, but the plug piece is somewhere on the bottom of the pond from an earlier raccoon/turtle/chupacabra encounter, so the filter has a tendency to want to jet around the pond unless I set a boulder on it. So I stagger out to the pond (it's 7 AM, when decent people should be sound asleep) and J reminds me as I reach into the water to retrieve the filter to be careful of turtles. My opinion is: if a turtle, (or a Kraken, for that matter,) wants to argue with me before coffee, while I paddle around in a lukewarm, fishy pond at an ungodly hour-- he's going to lose a limb.

My opinion of snapping turtles went down further when I found this:

That is the plastic connector that goes between the bubbler hose and the stony bubbler end, it's supposed to be round. Those bubblers are not cheap, nor are they edible. Possibly the bubbling annoyed the turtle, if it was sitting over the bubbler at some point. Perhaps he had not had his coffee yet.